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LogiCall – professional team in customer care


The group of LogiCall companies is a reliable partner in all spheres of customer care in more than 140 countries all over the world. We are the members of The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. We respect the code of this association in our job. We have a developed system of data security.

The top-quality customer care is a key to our success. We are the partners for many significant companies in the very field of customer care.

We will arrange:

  • claim administration and active communication with the non-paying clients
  • monitoring of invoices maturity
  • mass sending of postal, e-mail, and SMS messages
  • individual communication with a debtor on the phone
  • administrative and judicial procedure
  • administration management of distraint orders
  • telemarketing and sales campaigns
  • customer care campaigns

logicallWe are directly represented at the Czech, Polish, Slovakian, and Hungarian markets. We specialize on Central and Eastern Europe.
We will professionally help you with setting your own credit process. We provide a training focused on customer care, claims collecting, and sales by phone.
We can be your partner in the sphere of active customer care. We have experience with managing the passive client lines and active service of goods sale.
We will push your business through the local market. We will help you in acquisition of new clients. The term “economic crisis” is about to be out-dated. The crisis is not the concerned. It is just necessary to start doing things differently. LogiCall is creative and is changing according to the needs of its clients. We think up the new methods, we collect experience. We have succeeded in many successful projects.


In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary, we have the modern equipped Call Centres for communication with customers.

You can call us at any time, send us an e-mail. We are ready to work for you and push your success ahead.

Ing. Ivan Kocmánek, the director of the LogiCall company

Strategic visions and LogiCall mission

The LogiCall companies’ aim is to provide the top-quality services with their customers. Since the foundation of the LogiCall company, the Czech Republic, Ltd. in 2004, we have been keeping a clear arrangement and simple management structure, minimal administrative burden and constant pressure on thoroughgoing and efficient usage of working means. We deal with each order conscientiously and carefully. We check the quality of our work. We keep on introducing the new processes, we have the creative ideas. We are environment friendly. Business ethic and sense for fair play is our essential rule. We regularly devote a part of our success to children in variety of sponsorship projects.

We do not copy anything, we have our own way, we are a stable, strong and trustworthy partner of all our clients. Our customers are our highest auditors.


A binding code of all employees of the LogiCall company:

  • We fully respect human dignity of all the people who we get in touch with.
  • We are always ready to give our hand to those who ask for it.
  • We honour and respect laws
  • We are supervised by the Internet.
  • We always act adequately and bear full responsibility for our work
  • Our processes are transparent
  • We are a learning company, we provide a training to our employees.


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